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Durable & Long Lasting uPVC Windows

uPVC, also known as vinyl, is rigid, durable and long lasting material used for making pipes and windows due to its maintenance free properties. Modern well made windows should last the lifetime of the property. However, If your windows were installed in the late 1990s (phase 1 uPVC) then it is likely due to efficiency, technology and manufacturing improvements that they could need replacing or at least repairing. Upgrading your windows to uPVC units will not only improve the appearance of your home but also provide the additional benefit of added security.

Low Maintenance

Warmer and Quieter

Strong and Secure


Suits Any Home

uPVC is a simple choice offering high energy efficiency. Designed so it is strong, robust and secure. With a wide range of styles and options to choose from, there is an option to suit all properties.

  • Highly energy efficient

  • Exceedingly secure

  • Range of colours and woodgrain finishes

  • Virtually maintenance free

  • Long lasting and lifetime guarantees

Kitchen Interior

uPVC Window Options


  • Our most thermally efficient window

  • Flush sash option replicating the look of timber

  • 12 colour options

  • Smooth or wood grain

  • Secure by design


  • Direct replication of a traditional design

  • Smooth running mechanisms

  • Six colour options

  • Smooth or wood grain

  • Traditional sash window furniture

Tilt and Turn

  • Opens in for easy cleaning

  • Tilts for secure ventilation

  • Five colour options

  • Smooth or wood grain

  • Georgian bars to retain a cottage style

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